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About Us

Since 753 A.C.

It would take years and constant work on flours, doughs, leavening times and mother yeasts to get to what we can now appreciate as quality pizza. The ancestor of pizza is focaccia which was widespread in Roman times. It was in use to prepare spelled focaccia, a typical wheat that was widely used by Romans, in fact it is believed that the word flour could derive from the word spelled.

The Romans took the spelled and reduced it to powder from which they could then obtain the libum, a sort of “focaccia”. It is thought that the word pizza derives from “pinsa”, which is the Latin past participle of the verb “pinsére”, which means to crush, grind, pound.

What Matters to Us

Preserve the traditions that represent the heart of the product, work and experiment to evolve them and offer a product that can be considered a true example of roman pizza

“Making pizza is like loving someone”

Cristiano Cavina